GoRave Audio Senders instantly transmit all the sound from every app your device can play. These are the key to delivering professional-grade audio from your mobile devices and TVs out to your GoRave receivers and speakers.

Plug & Play

Transmit audio from any device through an Audio Sender.

Plug & Play

Transmit audio from any device through an Audio Sender.

Push an Audio Sender into your smartphone, TV, tablet or laptop and play your entertainment the way you normally would. No networks, no passwords, nothing to learn.


Broadcast entertainment sound from your TV to GoRave receivers and speakers.

GoTV connects to your TV’s audio output (optical TOSLINK or analog RCA). 40′ (12.2m) wireless transmission range.

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Smartphones and Tablets

Connect an Audio Sender to your device and transmit all the entertainment audio your devices can play.

Choose Android (micro USB) or Apple (Lightning or 30-pin). 30′ (9.1m) wireless transmission range.

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Play from your laptop or desktop computers. Connects to a standard-A USB port. 40′ (12.2m) wireless transmission range

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Multi-Room Sound

Explore GoRave’s installed products for multi-room wireless sound.

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Wireless Sound from TV

See how GoRave brings TV sound into your home.

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