An Installed Sound Offer that Attracts More Buyers and Sells More Homes


Technology has changed how people enjoy entertainment.

Today, entertainment streams into the home on the owners’ many devices.


Streaming TV is replacing traditional cable and satellite TV options because it’s cheaper, available on-demand, and can be viewed on every device.


Netflix, Hulu and Amazon continue to impact theater revenues and DVD sales because they make it cheaper and more convenient to enjoy at home.


CD purchases have been replaced by online options that can be listened to on personal devices and computers.


Games are now available via download and can be played anywhere on personal devices.


Consumers demand "complete" entertainment.


In 2015, consumers spent $9.8B on wireless audio to get the entertainment experience they want at home. This number is projected to grow year over year by 23%[1].


People spend more on entertainment products that are simple, easy to understand, and that play all of their entertainment from any device [2].


YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, and Spotify are in the top 10 most downloaded apps [3].


People are choosing to purchase streaming internet video without the need for traditional cable or satellite subscriptions [4].


Volume builders are positioned to leverage this demand:



The builder is the one creating the home – the space where the buyer will consume entertainment.


Installed speakers deliver even sound to every person in the room, unlike portable/tabletop point-source speakers.


Including a feature buyers will use everyday makes a new home more attractive than pre-owned properties.


Buyers prefer including the purchase of entertainment in the mortgage rather than cash out-of-pocket at retail.


What volume builders require for entertainment to be profitable:


Same Cost

A way to offer wireless entertainment in every home without changing the base cost of the home.

No Change

A way to deliver it in every home without changing the way homes are built today.

Easy Offer

A way for sales to offer every buyer the experience, but not sell the product.


No responsibility for servicing “a system” after the home is delivered.

See how volume builders are delivering this experience

and calculate how many more new home deals you can close with installed entertainment: