Profit Calculator for Home Builders

Calculate your profit when 50% of your customers buy audio from you, not retail

People buy audio products for their new homes.

If your customers can’t buy wireless audio from you, they buy it from retail.

Percentage of new home buyers who want wireless sound in their home.

NAHB “What Home Buyers Want” May 2013


Amount consumers spent on wireless audio systems in 2015.

Futuresource “Audio Industry” July 2016


Year over year growth for the home audio market to reach $54B by 2022.

Markets and Markets “Wireless Audio Market $54B by 2022” April 2016

We can change this profit picture.

The GoRave Ready program makes it easy for home buyers to say “yes” to installed home audio, without:

  • changing the base cost of the house
  • changing the way you build
  • changing the way you sell

No cost. No risk.

Continue and find out how much you’ll make when 50% of your customers buy installed sound.

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