GoRave AR5: 3-Zone 5-Channel Wireless Audio Receiver

The AR5 Audio Receiver is the centerpiece of a GoRave audio system. The AR5 has five amplifier channels which can power 10 speakers*.

The AR5 includes one GoRave SUSB Audio Sender.

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How many speakers can I connect?

An AR5 Receiver has five 20W amplifier channels that can power up to 10 speakers.


  • One or two speakers per channel, maximum 10 speakers
  • The GoRave volume control app adjusts the level the channel. If two speakers are connected to that channel, then the volume of both speakers will be adjusted.
  • Mono (blended L+R sound) output is selected for many AR5 installations.


  • Two L+R stereo speaker pairs and one speaker connected to the mono channel, maximum five speakers
  • If stereo imaging (hearing different sound from the left and right channels) is important for you, then choose this installation mode.

Additional information

Weight 1.498 kg
Dimensions 11.25 x 8.5 x 4 in


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