Frequently Asked Questions

Answers about the GoRave experience, installation, and technical capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers about the GoRave experience, installation, and technical capabilities.

Entertainment Experience

Why won’t my audio sender work since the iOS 11 update?

If you are experiencing problems with GoRave SKAA transmitter after updating your device to iOS 11, please contact our customer service department,  and we can help you resolve this issue.

Phone: 844-553-8836


What kind of content will GoRave play?

Anything your device can play, GoRave can play.

Your own music files, YouTube videos, internet radio like Pandora and Spotify, shows from Netflix: you can cast ALL entertainment audio from your device to the GoRave receiver installed in your space.

Is GoRave surround sound?

No, it is not surround sound. GoRave speakers are installed in stereo pairs with optional subwoofers for 2.1 sound.

Is there a monthly fee?

No way! You own and enjoy your GoRave system with no subscription fee. You can always cast your own content with GoRave. You are also free to purchase or subscribe to content from your favorite providers (iTunes, Netflix, Tunein Radio, Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, etc).

What is quality of the audio?

GoRave’s wireless protocol sends audio at a high bitrate (no lossy compression) and the signal doesn’t suffer from other 2.4GHz radio interference. When the audio signal arrives at the receiver, it is amplified and played on 5″ or 6” coaxial loudspeakers. The GoRave loudspeakers have a frequency range of 50Hz to 20kHz and a sensitivity of up to 89dB @ 1 watt, 1 meter. They sound very good.

How do GoRave Audio Senders transmit?

To deliver the best audio experience, GoRave Audio Senders transmit audio data using the SKAA wireless audio standard. SKAA is a transmission protocol based on a professional audio standard called Pro Audio Wireless (PAW). PAW is used by artists like Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Justin Timberlake for wireless microphones and instruments in their live shows.

Why use SKAA instead of Bluetooth or Airplay?

SKAA gives stronger, higher quality audio that Bluetooth just can’t deliver. Airplay provides good audio, but suffers from high latency and it requires a Wi-Fi network to function.

SKAA Bluetooth Airplay
Bitrate? High bitrate(480Kbps) Low-Medium(201-329Kbps) Very high bitrate(1.4Mbps)
Audio Quality? CD-quality, everything sounds very good MP3-quality, some audio information is lost because of Bluetooth compression. CD-quality, everything sounds very good
Latency? 40ms over 100ms over 800ms
Sync with video? Good Unreliable due to latency Poor due to high latency
Pairing? Pair one time Pair repeatedly Choose Airplay repeatedly
Interference? No interference Yes, suffers from radio interference No interference
Range? 10m-50m 3-10m 30m-50m

Can I connect and play from other audio devices?

Yes, the AR5 has a wired auxiliary input that can accept analog audio from other amplifiers or legacy hi-fi systems. If you connect a wireless music gateway with a stereo output to the AR5’s auxiliary input, then you expand your system to work with just about any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device.

Can I charge the battery of my device while transmitting audio at the same time?

Yes, you can attach the USB charging cable to your SAL or SA30 Audio Sender and charge your device while casting audio.

What is the range of the different Audio Senders?

Audio Senders that are powered by a mobile device (i.e. the 30-pin and Lighting Audio Senders for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod) have a transmission range of 30’ (9.1m). USB Audio Senders have a range of 40’ (12.2m).

Your local conditions will affect the distance the Audio Sender can transmit. If you have a clear line of sight to the Audio Receiver, the transmission range will increase. If you have a lot of barriers in your space (e.g. steel and cinderblock walls), the range will decrease.

You can use GoRave range extenders to add wireless coverage for rooms that are outside of this range. For example, a garage at the front of the home that’s too distant from the GoRave receiver installed in the kitchen.


Can I extend the range of the Audio Senders?

Yes, you can multiply the range of an Audio Sender using a Rush Mini-Receiver and GoTV Analog Audio Sender.

  1. If your Audio Sender is too distant from the AR5 Receiver, place a Rush Mini-Receiver between your source transmitter and receiver.
  2. Pair the Audio Sender with the Rush Mini-Receiver.
  3. Connect the mini-receiver’s output to the input of a GoTV Analog Audio Sender.
  4. Pair the GoTV Audio Sender to the AR5 Receiver that’s powering the speakers you want to hear from.

The Rush mini-receiver will pick up the wireless signal from your source Audio Sender, pass that signal to the connected GoTV Audio Sender, which in turn transmits the sound to the AR5 Receiver. The retransmission from the Rush + GoTV extender will add 40ms of latency to your audio stream.

Can I connect by Wi-Fi?

Yes, if you connect an Airplay-enabled Wi-Fi gateway like an Apple Airport Express to the auxiliary input of your GoRave AR5 Audio Receiver, you will be able to cast audio using Wi-FI from any Airplay-enabled app or device.

Technical Questions

Additional details for GoRave customers and installers.

How many speakers can I connect to an AR5 Receiver?

An AR5 Receiver has five 20W amplifier channels that can power up to 10 speakers.

Mono Option

  • One or two speakers per channel, maximum 10 speakers
  • The GoRave volume control app adjusts the level the channel. If two speakers are connected to that channel, then the volume of both speakers will be adjusted.
  • Mono (blended L+R sound) output is selected for many AR5 installations.

Stereo Option

  • Two L+R stereo speaker pairs and one speaker connected to the mono channel, maximum five speakers
  • If stereo imaging (hearing different sound from the left and right channels) is important for you, then choose this installation mode.

How do I setup the GoTV Audio Sender with my TV remote?

A detailed setup guide for GoTV Audio Senders is available here.

Can an Audio Sender transmit to more than one Audio Receiver?

Audio Senders are paired to Audio Receivers so the two devices can communicate and cast audio. You can get creative with how you pair Audio Senders to Audio Receivers.

One Audio Sender can be paired to all of the Audio Receivers to cast one stream of audio to the entire house. Alternatively, one Audio Sender can be paired to the main floor and basement Audio Receivers and a second Audio Sender can be paired to the bedroom/ensuite receiver.

Can more than one source be played simultaneously in different rooms?

Yes. Every AR5 Audio Receiver can play from one source of audio and multiple AR5 receivers can be installed so you can play multiple sources of audio at once.

Imagine three AR5 receivers installed in your space. One for the kitchen, living room and backyard, a second AR5 for the master bedroom and ensuite bath and a third AR5 for the basement recreation room. A different Audio Sender can be paired to each Receiver to play different audio simultaneously.

How do I pair an Audio Sender to an Audio Receiver?

Plug in your Audio Sender and start playing some audio on your device. Now use the Connect Button on the Receiver to add that Audio Sender to the Receiver’s Favorites List. Watch the Quick Start Guide for a detailed explanation of the Favorites List:

What happens if I forget the sequence of clicks on the Connect Button?

Check the table in the next “LED Status Indicator” question, or refer to the User Manual.

What does the LED Status Indicator do?

The LED Status Indicator works with the Connect Button (when you single click, double click, hold, click 4 times, or click 6 times) to play, add or wait from an Audio Sender; and to clear, wait, play and add an Audio Sender to Favorites List by changing colors (dim green and bright green, dim yellow and bright yellow, dim red and bright red, yellow to green, flashing red).

Connect Button: Status: LED Indicator:
Single Click Playing or waiting to play from an Audio Sender on the Favorite List.
= waiting
= playing
Double Click Playing or waiting to play from an Audio Sender that has not yet been added to the Favorite List.
= waiting
= playing
Hold Add or remove an Audio Sender from the AR5 Favorite List by pressing and holding the connect button for 4 seconds. to = added Favorite
(flash) = deleted
4 Clicks *RECOMMENDED: Put the AR5 into “All Play” mode to play from any Favorite Audio Sender without manually pressing Connect button each time.
= waiting
= playing
6 Clicks Clear the Favorites List and reset volume settings. (flash) = list reset

The audio from my devices seem to play at different levels. How can I adjust the volume?

Unexpected pauses or drops in playback can result from the Audio Sender being out of range from the Audio Receiver.  Depending on the app you are using (video vs. game vs. music, for example), volume levels may vary as well.

Furthermore, different audio files can have different volume levels (depending on who produced the audio track). Volume adjustments should be made on an as-needed basis.

Does the GoRave receiver have electrical surge protection?

The GoRave receiver units have a single MOV on the board. If required, use household surge protection to suit your particular needs.

Do you offer a back box enclosure for the speakers?

We offer an enclosed speaker for applications where needed. Placing wood barriers on both sides of the speaker in the joist cavity at rough in will benefit the sound quality. Use a pot light vapor barrier where required.

What is the warranty on GoRave products?

GoRave products carry a 1-year Limited Warranty. For details, see full warranty description.

Can I take my GoRave AR5 and speakers with me when I move?

The GoRave AR5 is an installed audio system. If you are selling your home or business and your choose to exclude the installed GoRave system from the sale, uninstall it and take it with you.

Disconnect the AR5, pull out the wiring to the speakers and remove the speakers from the building. You can set up your GoRave audio system again in your new home or commercial space.


Most issues with audio systems are the result of incorrect connections or improper control settings. If you encounter any problems with your GoRave system, check the following questions and answers.

How can I tell if I have any power?

Check AC power connections at the amplifier and the AC outlet. The LED indicator beside the Connect button will be lit green, amber or red when the power cord is plugged in to an AC outlet.

The GoRave AR5 has a built-in low power sleep mode where the power supply and amplifiers turn off when audio is not playing. The unit automatically wakes up from sleep mode when you start playing audio with an Audio Sender.

Both my device and my GoRave AR5 are powered on, but I can’t hear any audio.

If the GoRave receiver is powered on but not producing sound, check the LED indicator.  If LED indicator is dim amber or dim green:

  • The Audio Receiver is waiting to receive a signal from an Audio Sender.
  • Select and insert an Audio Sender into a device, open an entertainment app and press play to transmit sound to the Receiver.
  • When you hear your audio, press and hold the Connect button for 3 seconds to save that Audio Sender to the Favorites List. The LED status indicator will turn bright green.
  • Use The GoRave App to confirm that the Audio Sender you are using is connected.

Other possibilities – can’t hear any audio:

  • Are the loudspeakers correctly connected to the AR5 Audio Receiver?
    • Are the speaker wires securely connected in the terminal blocks?
    • Are the terminal blocks securely connected in the speakers and the AR5?
    • Are the positive (+) and negative (-) connections the same at both ends of the speaker wire?
    • Example: you have a two-conductor speaker wire with black and red wires inside. If your black wire is connected to “negative” on one end, is should be connected to “negative” on the other end.
  • Is the volume on the device set too low?
    • Is your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop) on mute?
    • Unmute or increase the volume on your device.
  • Is the GoRave app running?
    • Apple devices with the older 30-pin connection must run the GoRave volume-control app to play audio.
    • Try restarting the app (closing the app on your device and then opening it again).
  • Is your mobile device further than 40 feet (12.2 meters) away?
    • Bring the transmitting device closer to the AR5 Audio Receiver.
  • Is another device transmitting at low volume from another Audio Sender?
    • Disconnect the first Audio Sender and start playback with the second.
    • Press the Connect button 6 times to clear the Favorites List and reset volume settings in the AR5.
  • Is the device with the Audio Sender turned on?
    • Is audio actually playing on your device?
    • Start playback of audio on your device.
  • Do you have more than one AR5 Audio Receiver installed in your space?
    • Is your audio playing from speakers connected to the other Audio Receiver?
    • Use the GoRave app on your smartphone or tablet device and increase the volume of the muted AR5 so that you can hear audio playing on both speakers.

One of my loudspeakers is not playing any sound.

The polarity may be reversed for this speaker. To test this, swap the two wires (positive “+” and negative “-“) in the speaker connector.

Uninstall the speaker from its mount. Take the wire that was connected to the positive terminal and connect it to the negative. Likewise, take the wire that was connected to negative and put it onto the positive terminal.

If the speaker starts playing correctly, secure the wire connections and reinstall the speaker into its mount.

I can hear a crackling coming from the GoRave speakers. Sometimes the audio drops out. Why?

Crackle or static in the speakers may result from connection problem with Audio Sender. This can happen if you’re holding your device and pushing/moving the Audio Sender with your fingers.

The LED light is flashing rather fast and the GoRave AR5 feels hot to the touch. What’s going on?

The LED indicator will continuously flash with a fast, high frequency when one of these conditions is detected:

a. The GoRave AR5 was set to operate beyond its specifications.
To resolve the issue, try:

  • Lowering the volume
  • Resetting (remove then reconnect) the wireless Audio Sender
  • Turn the power to the GoRave AR5 off then on.

b. The fault protection circuit has shut off the amplifier.

  • This occurs only when there is faulty speaker wiring, or a problem with overheating.
  • Unplug the system and wait for the amplifier to cool. Correct the wiring fault then reconnect the power. The GoRave AR5 will reset.
  • If the problem is not corrected or reoccurs, contact your professional installer.

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