Avoid clutter and save space

Free up your surfaces for things that really matter instead of allocating space for traditional audio products. GoRave receivers are installed in closets or cupboards and occupy little to no visible space in the home.

Soul Play

The only wireless receiver/amplifier that plays all entertainment sound.

Soul Play

The only wireless receiver/amplifier that can play all entertainment sound.

Soul Play Receiver – New this year

GoRave Soul Play is a wireless receiver and stereo amplifier that can power up to four speakers. This elegant looking and sounding control installs in a two-gang electrical box.

  • Control your sound from your mobile device or the Soul Play touch-panel controls.
  • Only GoRave can play the sound from your TV wirelessly. Plug a GoTV transmitter into your TV and hear the sound in any room or throughout the house.
  • Soul Play connects with mobile devices via Bluetooth or a GoRave plug-in transmitter. Use the GoRave transmitter option when delay-free sound is essential.
  • Wirelessly link multiple Soul Play receiver together to hear your sound in more than one room.

Soul Way

The best sound bar – no cords attached.

Soul Way

The best sound bar – no cords attached.

Soul Way sound bar

The only sound bar in the world with no wires to your TV.

This brilliant sound bar delivers striking audio clarity and soul from all the entertainment your TV, set top box, game console, and mobile devices can play.

Soul Way contains its own GoRave wireless receiver to play the sound received from any Audio sender including GoTV. This eliminates the need for an unsightly wire connection to the TV, limited placement options, and having to cut holes through shelves to run wire.

More than just a TV sound bar, Soul Way can be the soul audio system in any room or home to deliver big sound levels and rich soulful tones for all your entertainment, from all your devices.

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Soul Shaker

Don’t just hear sound – feel it.

Soul Shaker

Don’t just hear sound – feel it.

Soul Shaker subwoofer

It’s called Soul Shaker for a reason. You’ll feel everything this powerful subwoofer can deliver. Add a Soul Shaker to the room and complete the full spectrum sound experience.  Its rumbling bass will make you feel like you are in the same room as the musicians, the swashbuckling hero, or the aliens you need to battle.

  • Produces bass for the content you play on your TV and mobile devices
  • Creates a complete full-spectrum audio experience
  • Powerful 8-inch 100W wireless subwoofer

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Perfect for commercial audio installations.


Perfect for commercial audio installations.

AR5 Receiver

The GoRave AR5 amplifier/receiver delivers 100 watts of power for up to 10 speakers*.

The AR5 lives out of sight in a central utility room or closet, and waits for a signal from your device. Once you insert an audio sender into your device or TV, it begins sending big sound to the speakers you want it to. No wires. Total control. Instant sound. Easy.

  • Start playing without any network setup or passcodes. It just works.
  • No need to allocate space on your tables or shelves.
  • Each AR5 can power up to 10 speakers*.

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